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Christmas madness?

I did some copying work for my 5th grader's teachers today, and then ate lunch with both my boys. On my way out the building a woman who has worked as a crossing guard there for a long time greeted me and threw in, "All the Christmas madness got to you yet?"

My response was, "No.  Actually, there is no Christmas madness in my house at all!"  She looked at me a little surprised.  Maybe she thought I was one of those religious people that doesn't celebrate holidays, or maybe I was just a scrooge.

"Actually, Christmas is a very sacred and happy time in my house.  I love Christmas!"  She gave me a look of curious acceptance with eyebrows raised and bid me a good day.

Christmas is the beginning of Easter for me.  It's the beginning of an exceedingly special time of celebrating the meaning, the goal, the redemption..the story of life.

I was raised in a church system that threw the baby of worship out with the dirty bathwater of meaningless rit…

Casting Cares

(The first year that he's taller than the tree. Tummy flop.)
I have a lot on my mind. A lot of people and circumstances. I was climbing the stairs earlier, attempting to just carry on with my "normal" daily activities and the weight of all these cares brought me to my knees right there. I had let out a few exhaling prayer-sighs through the morning, but I just couldn't take it anymore, I needed to stop, right there, and just cry and call out and cast all my cares upon the One who cares for me- the only One who can do anything about any of it.

I'm very thankful for a pastor who would teach the Word of God, and exhort us not to complain about the culture we live in but to be a light of the gospel in this seemingly ever-darkening society. I'm so glad he would recognize, and call us to recognize, the treasure and responsibility God has given us in our children and in teaching them His word.

I went to a dinner last night with some families from Pathway and my …