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October 31st is the Lord's!

I have a burden for October 31st. I feel jealous for my Lord on this day it seems more than others. I know the controversy amongst Christians concerning Halloween and I'm not speaking to that, except to say I pray all Christians will act by faith, according to their conscience before God this day just like any other day. What I'm writing about here is this voice that's crying out from within me, "October 31st is the Lord's! It's not Satan's birthday, or the darkness's special day. It's not a day for witches or ghosts. It's not a day to celebrate decapitation or evil (which I've seen twice today already, just going into Walmart... that's another post!). This is the day that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!

I guess because so many are so blatantly enjoying dressing up like death and murderers and various depictions of evil and horror, I feel like I cannot keep silent on this day! My worship and my shine must be all the more bright.

And I can't hide my kids from the celebration of evil they see everywhere on this day. If I go into Walmart, there's a cashier with perfectly done makeup and costume realistically displaying herself as a nearly decapitated, beaten to death woman. If I go into Micheal's to get a frame for my kids' latest artwork, there I see a moving, moaning statue of a decapitated bride holding her own head. Because the violence is everywhere, I've vigilantly been talking with my boys about what Jesus says about death and evil. I've been teaching them the truth that God is Love and love does not rejoice in evil!

Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. 1 Corinthians 13:6
(Good News Translation)

I've been seeking to redeem the time as I teach them to follow me as I follow Christ in speaking what's true and rejoicing in it.

Therefore He says: "Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will
give you light." See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise,
redeeming the time, because the days are evil. - Ephesians 5:14-16

Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time. Let your speech
always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to
answer each one. - Colossians 4:5-6

What's true is God created everything for His pleasure, His glory, His honor and to reveal His power! So I've been teaching the boys that because we hope in Christ, though we will die someday (unless Jesus comes for us first) we will live.

I've been telling them that God is love and love doesn't rejoice in evil, so when we see a murder depicted in costume, I literally fight back tears and look in their eyes and say, "That's murder sons. We are sad about that, not happy. God is sad about that, not happy."

I've also been buying back what God created that seems to be attributed to evil and darkness this time of year. For instance, I've talked with them about the spooky and yucky things God made, like eyeballs, and guts, bats and black cats... even the night God made. I've been walking around saying, "God made bats. Thank you Jesus for bats. God made cats. Thank you Jesus for cats." God made all these things to reveal Himself and His attributes, His creativity and His beauty... they don't belong to the devil or hell!

As for witches and ghosts I've talked to them about the heart of our Father and the wonders of the unknown spirit world we don't see with our eyes. I've said, "Boys, God is like the best daddy in the whole world... even better. He knows what's best for us. He doesn't want us to participate or celebrate or identify ourselves with witches because witches don't know Jesus and they talk to demons... angels that follow the devil. And God wants us to be unafraid of spirits, though there are real spirits, some who obey God and worship Him, and some who hate God and try to destroy everything He made."

My boys are going to see witches, ghosts, murderous costumes and the like tonight, but I trust that God's word is mightier and the open worship of Jesus as the creator of all things is brighter, even more in the darkness.

You are worthy, O Lord our God, to receive glory and honor and power. For
you created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were
created." - Revelation 4:11

So tonight we are worshiping Jesus, Lord of October 31st LOUD! We are playing this music on our front porch:

We are displaying the truth about death (when you know Jesus) in these signs and fake gravestones which have the stories of faith that go with the person who was a witness of Jesus to this world, along with a sign declaring, "It's all YOURS God!" We're also praying like crazy and looking forward to inviting the kids who come by our house to play a game with us in the yard and enjoy some hot cider and treats... just to be in our presence that Christ might shine on them.

I love You Lord Jesus! I offer these signs and activities, these interactions and discussions, these intercessions and conversations as worship! Be glorified! We were created for Your pleasure!


  1. This was wonderful...thanks for sharing. I asked the Lord a few years ago to help answer my oldest's questions about Halloween and the Lord told me "You don't celebrate things that don't celebrate me" it was perfect as only His answers can be. I love the tombstones.

  2. Praise God & thank you for speaking out Sheila! Love what you've done!
    I was quite disappointed as I visited many places today and saw written Halloween ... when I thought most were Christian, I was disillusioned!
    If you get a chance come see
    "satan's conference" post at my place!(It's below Friday's Fave 5.)
    And if you come after Saturday below TSMSS also...and if you come after Sat...below Super Sunday, TSMSS & Friday's Fave 5...well I guess you get it! IT'S ALL YOURS,
    LORD! Thanks Sheila! Enjoy with your kiddos!

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! Way to go for honoring our great God today, girl. I'm so impressed!! Your boys are blessed to have such a wonderful mother who is grounded in God's word!!

  4. Good post. Although, I do find it disconcerting when people think that those of us who do take our children out are not Christian. I've prayed as well about this for many years, because as a child, I was not allowed to participate in Halloween, but was never given a reason. As an adult and after much prayer from me and my husband, we chose to participate in select activities, and we do not acknowledge the evil parts(witches, death, etc.) but who is to say that the answer to my prayers has to be the same as the answer someone else received?

    I do love the thing you did with the tombstones. Wonderful!

  5. Hey Dustybug. I agree, we should be much more allowing for the freedom one Christian has in Christ concerning halloween or any other holiday. I have been one of the "weaker" Christians, in the past who was very anti-halloween, but as Christ has increasingly ruled my heart, the stronger I've become and am learning to celebrate Him in ALL things. I no longer look down on Christians who take their kids trick or treating, but I don't want to cause those who have convictions against celebrating haloween at all to stumble. That's why I my post was just to express the passion in my heart to be a light amidst the darkness that my kids and I see on haloween. I wasn't intending this post to sway any Christian one way or another... just to share what's on my heart. WE must all live by faith and according to our convictions. I personally would love to see Christians flood Haloween with Biblical messages of grace and redemption through Christ in their costumes and decorations. Our light shines even brighter in great darkness, but if we do nothing the darkness prevails!

    Anyway, I hope you and your kids had a great Haloween!

  6. Amen!!!! Love your heart!!! Jesus, in and through us, can shine His light in the darkness...Love this post!

  7. I hope that you didn't take my comment to mean I felt you were trying to condemn those who did participate in Halloween! If so, that was far from my intention!

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you have written, I was just expressing some thoughts since this becomes topic of conversation every year at this time.

    In fact, you've inspired me to add some things to our decor next year!

  8. No Dusty, no condemnation taken at all! :) Sometimes its hard to tell in writing isn't is? I hope I didn't convey any at all either.

  9. Revelation 4:11 is one of my favorite scriptures. it challenges me in so many areas of my life. There are too many things that we THINK are ok, but when we look deep down into the motives of our hearts, we usually find selfishness and pride. Often times that is hard to detect. I would not dare to say whether participating in trick or treating in and of itself is wrong, but I WOULD challenge whether we are doing it to the glory of God, like Rev. 4:11 says. This should be what we continually strive for. I think there are many Christians who would not participate in Halloween in a self-righteous way, which would not be the right attitude at all, and yet, someone who DOES participate can do it with the right heart and good intentions. Maybe the best possible option would be both - to not participate, and do it with the right heart - I don't know. I just know God is interested in our hearts. He wants all of it, not just part.

    This post is fantastic. You have seemed to capture the heart of how we should handle a day like this. I love the idea of the games in the yard - What a great way to get their attention, love on them, and share the love of Christ!

    As we were driving home tonight from a friend's house, our boys were talking about Christmas and whether or not they were getting gifts this year. We have 3 boys and for the last several years, we have spent very little on gifts for them, and put the majority of our funds into a missions trip. When our oldest, 13, brought this up tonight, our 10 year old said, "David, I don't think I would like it if it were MY birthday, and Caleb (his friend) got all the gifts." Now my boys have not lacked for anything, nor have they been or even felt deprived on Christmas. But even though we HAVE participated, mostly in a self-centered manner (I can do a whole post on ways how), we want to always be striving towards holiness. We certainly haven't arrived in how to live the Christian life, and maybe if our hearts were perfect toward God, we wouldn't participate in ANY of the holidays the way we do. I have a feeling if we examined our hearts, we would see a lot of selfishness in most of it - not everyone - but the norm - even for those who claim to be Christians. I guess the point is, instead of trying to have a right or wrong answer, we should always be asking ourselves the question, "Does this bring glory to God?" I see that your family indeed brought him glory. I am encouraged by your post, and am thankful for voices like yours that stand strong on your convictions, no matter the cost.

    Thank you for sharing this! Blessings!

  10. Dear Cooke Family lady :) (don't know your name so that'll have to do)- thanks so much for your insightful comment.

    You're right... it's all about our hearts. I know my motives in seemingly "godly" activities have been exposed by the Spirit as selfish and self-glorifying many times. The more I set my heart on saying, "This is for you Jesus!" The more what's not of Him gets eliminated from my life and my true intentions get revealed. For if I say, "This is for you Jesus" yet I find an attitude of disatisfaction with the response of people or the result of what I'm doing then I realize I wasn't doing it for Jesus, I was just doing it so someone would approve of me.

    May the Lord bless you as you continue to seek to live for HIS pleasure and HIS glory!

  11. What a wonderful halloween display!

    Halloween is not celebrated in Australia but slowly in the last 10 years it has been pushed by retailers and has arrived.

    I love your heart. xo

  12. You are WAY cool, Sheila. I saw this post the other day. Trusting you had a bunch of people who were impacted by your amazing display.

  13. Amen!!! I agree with you and love what you did at your home!! :)

  14. Wow! You are truly a warrior for Christ. I am just so impressed with your honesty, your bravery, and the way you express your heart. Thank you for sharing this.


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