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One of my favorite words expounded

Just as kind of a warning. This is a wordy post. I've worked thru my thoughts on this subject and it may be a little tangent-y. Also I'm no Biblical scholar, but I love the scriptures.

Redeemer. Its one of my all time favorite words.

I'm no literacy expert, I don't even really have good grammar, but I love words! I especially love words from the Old Testament in the Bible because they are so rich with meaning. This is why a couple Sundays ago, when my pastor talked about an ancient Hebrew word I got really excited.

The word is ga'al.

Ga'al means: to redeem, act as kinsman-redeemer, avenge, revenge, ransom, do the part of a kinsman.

Doesn't that excite you?!

I should explain.

My pastor was talking about a system of government described in the Old Testament which Israel lived by. He explained that capital punishment, in cases of murder, was carried out by the nearest kin of the person who was killed. That closest relative is called ga'al because he had to aven…

It's easy to miss

Tonight I caught myself moping.

I was comparing my problems to others and thinking they had nothing to complain about. Boy is that a slippery slope! It's a fast ride down to the pool of depression. But thank the Lord I caught myself. Actually He caught me and said, "Thank Me for the grace I give to help you in your time of need."

I was naturally inclined to ignore that thought and keep moping. Sliding quickly down. Down. Down. But I didn't. Instead I opened my mouth and said, "Thank You Lord that you've given me the grace to go through this. And thank you that you've provided others in my life the grace to go through what they go through."

It was as though I was on some weird Willy Wonka chocolate factory ride. Suddenly there was no mad, out of control spin of depressing thoughts. There was just a peace that put all that to rest. My circumstances didn't change. I still hate it that I have to go through this. But everyone has to go through stuff.