I'm just a regular irregular gal

My friend Kristen made a good point commenting on a recent post of mine about how she lives real, everyday life like the rest of us, but wonders if others who read her blog really get a taste of that "real-life" woman.

I've been concerned that anyone who reads my blog doesn't get the impression that I think of myself as some Bible scholar. I don't want to come off as some spiritual snob. I wrote about that here. But I also want to let you all in on the everyday "real" me. I think that's why I started posting short videos here and there. A little real-time video clip is sure to bring me down to my regular-irregular gal status real quick!

In case you don't see the videos (I'm secretly hoping no one watches the videos :) Here's a little about me and day-to-day life:

This blog is a part of the real me, cause I thoroughly enjoy writing and especially sharing my musings over God's word, which I cling to desperately. It's a form of Christian fellowship for me and it's a piece of the ministry I offer with joy and thanks as part of the body of Christ. I'ts important to me and I find myself thinking in terms of blog post ideas all the time. But blogging/writing is only a sliver of my days.

Like I said, I'm desperate for God's Word, and cling to it like a drowning woman, but I have a really hard time letting go of my pillow early in the morning in exchange for my lifesaver!

I usually wake up early, without an alarm clock, before the rest of my family does. I've just been programed that way I guess. But don't think I get up all chipper and ready to tackle the day. I'm a slow riser. I usually get up, go turn on the coffee, don't turn on a single light, mosey over to the couch, curl up with my favorite afghan, and wait for the coffee to stop perculating.

Some days, I fall back to sleep while the coffee's brewing and wake up only minutes before my kids do. I usually give out a Simpson's style, "Aaahng!" when that happens, cause like I said, I'm desperate for God's word to light up the darkness I step into each day, but I have such a hard time letting go of the comfort of a warm spot on the couch!

The days when I do, like today, manage to relinquish the afghan for coffee, my Bible, journal and pen, I usually make my way to our office (spare bedroom), where, if I'm not careful, I can get sucked into checking email, reading blog posts, posting blog posts, updating Facebook, looking at websites for my kids, and running computer errands before I let God's word light my path.

Usually I wake up with a song in my head and when I respond by singing it out loud... those are the best starts of days for me.

Once my family wakes up my day is full of making meals, responding to my 4 and 5 year old's requests for "a snack" (which often starts the minute they wake up and continues throughout the day... Note to self, make designated snack times), verbal instructions and multiple reminders to the kids, "What do you want to eat honey?"s (directed at my husband), laundry, dishes, spills, meltdowns 4 and 5 year old style, times on the front lawn watching my boys ride bikes in the street, lots of corrections... I could go on and on.

I'm not an organized person, but I'm always trying to be. My kitchen has a little desk, nook, thingy. I have my large desk calendar there which is often covered by recent projects and notes of to-do lists and blog post ideas written on various note papers.

I feel good if I get my bed made right after my husband gets up and off to work, but that doesn't always happen and I hate it when I look in our room and it looks neglected.

If you walked through my day with me I think you'd find I'm very much a regular irregular woman. I definitely have my quirks and idiosyncrasies. I don't really know how to assess those for myself so I'll tell you what others have told me about me:

  • You're motivating
  • You're not a good multi-tasker
  • You're analytical
  • You've got the gift of mercy
  • You're emotional
  • "You're always thinking of me"
  • "When's the last
    time you cleaned the furniture?"
  • You're the best mom ever mom!
  • You always forget that mom
  • You can't do everything Sheila!
  • You're so optimistic
  • You bring up a good point
  • You're a good cook
  • You're concerned about what the kids learn
  • You want Jesus to be the foundation of your life
  • How come you never excoriate your heels?
  • You have thick eyebrows.
  • You need a goal and you'll get it done

Those are just some of the things I've heard. I think they're mostly true. And my first to rise just walked in here to start my day, so I'll wrap this post up.

This blog is a very dressed up window into my life. But I pray you'll see past the pretty decor to the real me. Even more than that I pray you'll see a woman desperate for and delighting in God's love and salvation, and a woman who points you to Him. I pray this little blog-window into my life magnifies Christ not me. I picture a magnifying glass, bring into focus a more close up image of what you're looking at. I pray that image is my Redeemer.

Redeeming the time

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