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When You're Sick

There was a real breakthrough just a half hour ago for me that I must share.

I have been sick since Sunday with just a nasty-won't-go-away virus. This morning as my head is spinning and throbbing and I'm coughing up a lung and just want to lay down and curl up in a ball, my kids are in the background not obeying in doing the regular things we do every morning. I already want to "give up" (whatever that means since there's no calling in sick for parenting) but I know that there's more to this than just the average feeling sick and facing a rough day with the kids. See, at noon today I'm to be at a CEF meeting with local pastors as a few faithful followers of Jesus are pressing out to bring the gospel to the public schools through Good News Clubs and such.

I have been, in weeks past, praying for how God would let me participate in reaching outside my home with the gospel. I want to reach out and let my boys see that outreach and learn to follow Jesus in rea…

A banner cry for me

"'God so used a stick of wood' can be a banner cry for each of us,' wrote Francis Schaeffer...Though we are limited in talent, physical energy, and psychological strength, we are not less than a stick of wood. But as the rod of Moses had to become the rod of God, so that which is me must become the me of God. Then I can become useful in God's hands." From the Tim Sweetman article No Little People
" that which is me must become the me of God." WOW!!! I think, in part, God has been stretching my heart a lot to see the overwhelming need for the poor, the orphan, the widow, the oppressed on top of the need for helping my husband and nurturing my children so that I would realize how totally powerless I am to do any of these things, and then not to stop there, but to realize that it's my very understanding of being as helpless as a stick of wood which makes me ready to give God all the glory for becoming the "me of God" in His hands.


Don't get stuck in the paralyzation of analyzation

While I'm taking a break from blogging I've been just praying A LOT about several things on my heart:

My marriage

My husband's soul

My children's souls

Child training- how and what it means

Wanting to reach out WITH my kids so they see an example and learn to serve others in Jesus' name

What part God would grant me to participate in the "causes" He cares about

It's always the case that as I hear the Spirit stir my heart towards a certain direction and I begin to take a step towards that direction- even if that step is just praying about it and desiring to move in it- the enemy is always quick to shoot a thought of accusation, condemnation and doubt.

I've seen this before, you'd think I recognize the pattern by now and not get all stalled out with His every LIE, but I do, only this time I'm not gonna get stuck in the paralyzation of analyzation.

You know what that is, don't you? You have this thing, or person, or direction or decision laid on yo…

Timothy Moms: Telling Parables to My Kids

Reading The Story about Ping to my kids last week it hit me, "I'm doing what Jesus did...telling parables to explain God's word and ways to my kids."
It was an ah-ha moment.
...for the rest of this post head over to Timothy Moms...

"Look at them," God said.

As my heart continues to be stirred to reach out to others in Jesus' name, prayerfully and trusting God to do a work I am powerless to do, God's reminding me of something.

Tap, tap, tap, on the shoulder.
"Turn around. Look at them."
"See that man. He's poor, without the help I've provided for him if you don't help him."
"See those two boys. They're orphans without the mother I've provided for them."
"I'm using YOU Sheila, right now, to minister to the poor and the orphans by being a help and a mother.
Wouldn't you be a help and a mother to someone else out there? If you would, then be a help and a mother to these three here.
And if there's anything in you that does not think these three souls count as taking up the cause of the poor and the fatherless, then it's because you think they owe you something.
If you thought of them as poor and fatherless, which they would be if I did not provide them you, then you w…

Taking a blog break

I'll be off the computer for at least the next week, maybe two, just depends. I'll look forward to reading all your lovely posts when I get back. Just need to spend more time doing the really important things. I'm sure by the time I get back I'll have 5 million blog posts brewing in my mind.

Feel free to browse my archives if you'd like! :)

See ya soon!


A lesson from 2 Chronicles 26:6

I'm reading straight through the Bible and am currently in 2 Chronicles 26. This morning an odd verse really grabbed me. 2 Chronicles 26:6. It says:

He (Uzziah) went out and made war against the Philistines and broke through the wall of Gath and the wall of Jabneh and the wall of Ashdod, and he built cities in the territory of Ashdod and elsewhere among the Philistines.

What got me was the part that says, "...and he built cities in the territory of Ashdod and elsewhere among the Philistines."

I don't want to just make war against sin and the enemy's camps and walls in my life and in the lives of my children and others I love, I want TO BUILD cities in that very territory where the enemy once was established.

I immediately thought of two specific areas in my life and in my family that the enemy still seems to have a wall of Jabneh and Ashdod so to speak. Areas where our fleshly nature still walks in its natural, sinful ways. I want to go make war against those areas, …

China's Christians aren't lukewarm- they can't be!

Last night as I watched China's athletes come out for a gymnist competition I looked at their faces and had to fight back the tears because I heard, "They cannot be a Christian without loosing everything!"
The choice is very clear there. The cost is very evident. There's no lukewarmness there like there is here. We too must make a clear choice. For us too- we cannot be Christians without "loosing" everything, for Jesus said, "So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple." (Luke 14:33)
In honor of Christ. In honor of those great witness who've gone before us and who live and die far away from us right now, let us check ourselves to be sure we are loosing EVERYTHING to follow Christ. Let us not hold tightly to anything in exchange for knowing Jesus!

Up all night with abdominal pain...hmmm

Okay, so here i sit at my computer at 3:37 am Arizona time. I take the time to post thought out posts of what comes to my heart, that'd be my meditations. But right now it's confession time.

I'm laying in bed, sleeping nicely when my black lab Bailey comes to let me know she needs out to potty. I irritatingly push her off the bed and roll over on my back only to feel a sharp pain shoot up my abdomen on the left side. I think, gas, who knows...lay there for a minute expecting it to pass and fall back to sleep. No doin! After a half hour of trying to get a comfortable position and ignore the increasing pain in my side I decide to get up. I let the dog out and then what? I plop on the couch and say, "Ok Father, you've got me up at 2:30 am... with gas?!!!! What's going on!? I'm listening." I sit there for a bit and hear nothing. So I mosey on in to the computer room and log on to my homepage. There I read a great devotional from Jon Courson about how when …

A message to you from the captive church

This is a quote from Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs, he himself a martyr (though he didn't die in captivity, he suffered greatly and was a great witness of Christ, and that's really what it means to be a martyr- be a witness). He wrote these words in the jarring book, Tortured for Christ(you can get a free copy at this link)- listen for China's voice amongst this today:

As a member of the Underground Church who has survived and escaped, I have brought you a message, an appeal, a plea from my brethren whom I have left behind.

They have sent me to deliver this message to you. Miraculously I have survived to deliver it.

I have told you of the urgency of bringing Christ to the Communist world and other captive nations. I have told you of the urgency of helping the families of Christian martyrs. I have told you of practical ways you can help the Underground Church fulfill its mission of spreading the gospel.

When I was beaten on the bottom of the feet…

God's "causes"

I had just posted a response to the question on today's Cafe Chat about what cause or passion I have- what Christ burden's my heart for. Then I wrote a lengthy email to a dear sister about how God is stirring my heart and my husband's heart for the cause of the orphan.
Afterward I thought, "Is 'cause' the right word? Am I just donating to a 'cause' or am moved by Christ's heart?"

So I went and did a quick word search on the word "cause" at Crosswalk. I just used the NIV at first and then dug a little deeper from there. Here's what I found: There are specific causes God specifically talks about that HIS heart cares about.The word "cause" really means to execute right judgement, or justice. In other words to do what's right concerning this people group or situation.God calls His people to take up the causes He takes up.God tells His people to "learn to do what's right." And surely that is because we think t…

Prayer for China

(This is Shuang Shuying- a 76 year old beloved of Jesus imprisoned in China while walking next to the Olympic site with her house-church-leader son)

Father God, as I listened today to the message about David and Saul, about how Saul was dead yet even though he had persecuted and tried to kill David, David wept and truly loved Saul.

It made me think of the Christians in China and so many other places, who truly love their "Saul"- the people who govern over them. They desire to do no harm, only to spread the love of Christ and even to serve those who rule over them as though they served Christ Himself and yet their "Saul" continues to crazily chase and persecute them.
Father I pray you would strengthen the hearts of believers in China and other hostile places. I pray your love would so overflow their hearts that what the enemy is meaning for evil against Your people would only be used for good. I pray the very puppets in the enemy's hand who persecute Your people …

On your way to church today remember

(Chinese Christians worshipping Jesus "illegally" in a house church in China)

Today in China many lovers of Jesus are risking imprisonment, torture, loss of home, job, income, reputation, etc. to get together with each other and pray, read God's word, sing to the Lord and enjoy fellowship in the Spirit together.

Whether you've already been to worship with your friends at church this morning or you're on your way, please remember your brothers and sisters in China.

When you close your eyes to sing that song which pierces your heart and causes you to overflow in worship remember that your sister and brother in China are courageously singing unto the Lord knowing that at anytime the governing authorities could break down their doors and begin imposing punishment for their "illegal" activity.

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body." Hebrews 13:3 Related links: The War F…

Remember. And...I want to be a "Rebelutionary" Mom


Today is the first day of the Olympics in China. Until the Olympics are over I resolve to post something each day to bring awareness and stir someone (mostly myself) up to prayer concerning China, it's government, and it's people.

"Remember Jesus Christ...for which I am suffering, bound with chains as a criminal. But the word of God is not bound!" - 2 Timothy 2:8a, 9

In China those words I just typed out are ILLEGAL! But no matter how a government tries to bind up the word of God with it's human laws, THE WORD OF GOD IS NOT BOUND!!!!
In China it is illegal to print, speak, sing, or share in anyway the Word of God in your own home, with a child, on the street as you walk, or in a housechurch meeting. The only place China says the word of God can be spoken is in one of the state TSPM Churches...and even there the government monitors what is spoken and preached.
The nations may rage. China can impose all the laws it wants to, but the word of God is not bound.…

We're builders: Part 6- About our Father's business

Did you not know that I must be about My Father's business?" - Luke 2:49

As I've been meditating on Psalm 127 it hit me: This means we are to be about our Father's business.

Let me explain.

I'm a real simpleton in thinking. I need the Spirit to explain things to me a lot! Like a child I find myself asking my Father things like, "What does that mean!?" ALL THE TIME!!

As I wrote in my 5th installment of We're Builders, I realized that Psalm 127 teaches me to trust God and not be anxious about how my kids are going to turn out, or if they'll know the Lord because I can't do anything to ensure how they'll turn out or if they'll know the Lord UNLESS God is doing a work in their lives. I can't "build the house" unless the Lord is building the house.

But I've continued asking my Father questions about this passage this past week. One of the questions is, "What's my role then!? If I can't build unless Your building…

Hebrews Thirteen Three: China

The Olympics begin in China in 7 days. All eyes will be on the China we can see on t.v. and it's the China, China wants us to see. But there's more than meets the eye.

Recently, the Lord began turning my heart towards praying for the people who make my clothes. Now almost every time I put on something or buy something I check to see where it's made and I'd say at least 90 % of the time it's made in China. It's made me realize that there are human hands, and human hearts, with a need for forgiveness and salvation, love and mercy, behind the comforts I take for granted everyday. It's turned my heart towards China even more. I mean somewhere in China is a woman or man, maybe even a child, using skill, craft and labor to make something I use to cover my body. This is the China we don't see on t.v. There are no ceremonies or games for sewing.

When there has been a brief light shed on the Chinese men and women who labor for our supply, it's shameful. In lig…