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Up all night with abdominal pain...hmmm

Okay, so here i sit at my computer at 3:37 am Arizona time. I take the time to post thought out posts of what comes to my heart, that'd be my meditations. But right now it's confession time.

I'm laying in bed, sleeping nicely when my black lab Bailey comes to let me know she needs out to potty. I irritatingly push her off the bed and roll over on my back only to feel a sharp pain shoot up my abdomen on the left side. I think, gas, who knows...lay there for a minute expecting it to pass and fall back to sleep. No doin! After a half hour of trying to get a comfortable position and ignore the increasing pain in my side I decide to get up. I let the dog out and then what? I plop on the couch and say, "Ok Father, you've got me up at 2:30 am... with gas?!!!! What's going on!? I'm listening." I sit there for a bit and hear nothing. So I mosey on in to the computer room and log on to my homepage. There I read a great devotional from Jon Courson about how when we pray and things don't happen like we think they should or would to trust that God is not withholding any good thing from us who love Him. If it seems to be witholdin' it's because it aint no good! I thought, "True Lord. If you don't tell me why I'm up right now and what's going on, I'll trust You."

Then I proceeded to read through all the blogs with new posts on my bloglines which i rarely have the time to do in daylight hours. I truly was encouraged and blessed by the souls out there who seek the Lord and write about it. I left some comments, finished the long list of blogs and now here I am...writing about what I'm doing at 3:45 am.

I think about how one of my favorite Bible teachers said in a sermon I listened to once that when we wake up in the night not to assume that it's the pizza or the dog or whatever, but to listen for God's voice. I need to do that right now! So I'm off to say like Samuel, "Here I am Lord."

Confession- I've been listening to my stomach, my dog, my homepage devo, my fellow bloggers...everything but the Lord!


  1. I'm laughing because the VERY SAME thing happens to me...WIDE awake at 3 am...listening for what HE has to's GOT to be good...right? Maybe I'm trying to hard.....

    Hey, thank you for the sweet comments on WFW over at my site...Art classes have been a blessing for us...the woman who teaches us loves homeschoolers and gives us a FABULOUS rate....and SHE is an amazing artist...
    Something I won't ever be...but it's therapy for me in the middle of the craziness of the week...She insists that ANYONE can be an just takes a little time...
    Oh, and if you ever want to use an art/art history book with the boys...God and the History of Art is great by Barry Stebbing....

    It's for 10 and up I think but it's a great one! I've used it for a few years in co-op classes...

    I do hope you get some sleep tonight:) I'm off for a mammo....JOY of JOYS!!:) LOL!!

    Have a great one!

  2. I had a chuckle and I hope you are feeling much better now, whatever it was that brought on your stomach ache. (Maybe you were feeling tense about something?)


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