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14 thoughts on turning 40

Forty is a landmark.

No big deal was made of today, but I feel like it is a big deal. I'm forty. I've been thinking a lot about what that means.

Here's fourteen of my thoughts and desires upon turning 40:

1.  According to the average life expectancy of a woman in the U.S.  I've lived half my life already.

2.  According to the Bible that's about half the life of hot breath on a cold window-  a fraction of a vapor.
Indeed, You have made my days [as] handbreadths, And my age [is] as nothing before You; Certainly every man at his best state [is] but vapor. Selah -Psalm 39:5
3.  If I'm half way through my life, I'm taking on the motto, "It's all uphill from here!"  Not downhill.  I want the high country for the last half.  I don't want to coast my way to the end.

4.  Forty feels... comfortable in my own skin with a deep ache for Who I was made for.

5.  I want the gospel of Christ to be more precious, and treasured, and beautiful to me than …

Milk, eggs, and Providence-dependence.

It's beautiful outside right now. The stars are easily seen out here in the desert away from the city lights.  It hasn't gotten so hot yet that even when the sun goes down the heat radiates from the baked ground and you find no cool breeze anywhere except next to the air conditioning vent in the house.  It's still really nice in the mornings too when I get up to milk Darla.

Have I said how much I'm enjoying having dairy goats?  Having laying hens is definitely a close runner up on my enjoyment meter.  There's just something very satisfying about getting milk and eggs from my own back yard every morning.

Today I trimmed hooves on both my buck and doe.  The buck is getting very big.  Trying to wrestle a 250 pound goat onto a milk stand so you can trim his hooves is definitely a two person job.  Thank goodness I have good neighbors and one who always seems to show up just when I need a hand.  Said neighbor and his wife also trimmed their pecan trees today and gave m…

Meditation on Psalm 17

I posted a little blurb on Facebook this morning regarding my disappointing Mother's Day and shared the priceless card my 11 year old son gave me this morning.

He didn't write it after feeling bad about yesterday. I hadn't laid into him or his brother for the grief they gave me yesterday. He simply ran into the card he had made at school, probably at the prompting of his teacher, while cleaning out his binder in getting ready for today's school day.  It wasn't a Hallmark moment.  It was a, "Oh, yeah, mom, here.  I forgot to give this to you yesterday," moment as he rushed downstairs to play for a few minutes before school.

His words on the card are priceless.  The flowers he drew I'm sure came out of a desire to give me something he knew I really wanted.  (He's a great artist and draws great war scenes and I'm always asking him to draw me something nice for a change, like flowers.  His response is usually, "Mom!  Boys don't draw flo…