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Consistently inconsistent

I know, writers write.  But, inconsistent bloggers, blog inconsistently.  Especially when they start working night shift.

It's 1:25am on my day off and I'm trying to stay up so tomorrow I'll sleep late in preparation for staying up all night at the hospital.

The first two shifts were interesting.  I remember why I didn't miss hospital nursing.  I also recall what I love about caring for newborns and their mom's and families.  It's not all Leave It To Beaver out there.  In fact, I don't think there's a single Leave It To Beaver family having babies anymore.  But it's great opportunity to teach, encourage, value life, and be a blessing.

I don't want to be a complainer.  I want other people to leave working with me as a nurse feeling uplifted, and helped, not criticized and dumped on.  It's a shame how many people come to work complaining about the work they have to do.

James has got most of the upstairs bathroom finished.  Just needs drywall…

The night before the night shift

Twas the night before my first night shift in postpartum in years and I'm trying not to think about it. As I was driving earlier today, trying to sort out my thoughts and the knot in my stomach and that queasy feeling, it hit me, "All those rules you need to remember, they hang on the law of Christ." All the hospital rules, and policies and procedures and computer programs... when I think about them I feel nauseous and overwhelmed. But when I pause and breath in the truth: I have Christ. All that I need to do to will come as I love my neighbor as myself and bear one another's burdens, fulfilling the law of Christ.

Stress happens.  You can be the calmest, coolest, most collected person on the planet, but moving, living in a construction zone with a frustrated and tired handyman DIYing it, starting a new job, and facing the start of a new school year will take its toll on your body.  Or at least it will mine.  And its a trap to fall for the comfort foods, fast f…