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It's Jesse Tree Time!

For all four of you who read my blog... I'm back. Smile. I just finished a writing marathon. 50,000 words of fiction in 30 days! It's the National Novel Writers Month Challenge. My good friend did it last year and she challenged me to do it this year. And I'm glad I did.  It got my juices flowing.   I already have another fiction novel brewing. 

Apparently one of the fringe benefits of doing this challenge is that I get five paperback copies of what I wrote.  I think that's cool.  I'm not sure five people would read it and if they did I'm not feeling like I'd really want them reading it.  I'm just a tad, I mean, I'm totally insecure about someone else reading it.  Maybe cause it's a little too close to home.  I really drew on my own life experiences to since I haven't done in research in any particular genre to write in.  Next novel I hope will come out of some more time invested in reading and research.

Now that I'm done with N…

The saying I shall practice

I wasn't trying to be defiant or difficult. I knew the answer and I believe the answer, I just, I don't know, the cracking dam that wasn't holding back my tears very well this morning was going to totally give way any moment and I had to answer the way Paul did:

The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.  - 1 Timothy1:15
I believe that Christ has made me righteous.  By faith, I am no longer a sinner.  I am a saint.  And I say that with much trembling and feel as though I should say it while on my face.  It is the truth that gives me such hope... that Christ has done it all to make me right.  Righteous.  Yet, I still live in this decaying flesh and am weighed down by the gravity of this fallen world, and out of me still comes the falling short and missing the mark which should result in my judgment, but by the amazing grace of my Savior, I have freely received His perfect goo…

If writing a novel is anything like running a marathon I'm in for wall real soon.

I'll take sprinting any day over long distance running. If I'm running fast and hard I can make myself finish 200 meters. But if I know I have a mile or two or more (that's long to me), my legs feel like lead from the first stride.

Hopefully writing this novel won't end up that way.  So far I'm taking it as short sprints each day.   1600 plus words a day is feeling more like a sprint than I thought it would.  So far I'm churning out about 2000 words a day.  I lack vocabulary, but I'm not repeating "Um," or "that" as much as I was thinking I would.  We'll see.  We're only on day 2.

Blogging is sort of my re-living of the day and sharing personal meditations that touched me.  Journalling is my private release of prayers and concerns, even complaints and dreams that I can't share with just anyone and everyone.  So far, writing this novel, is sort of my public release of secret struggles.  I can hide them in a fictional setting…