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Trusting in God's soveriegnty this election day

I saw this at Joyfully Living for His Glory (Chelsey's place). All I have to say is thank you Lord for raising up men who boldly speak the truth.

What John Piper says here is what the Spirit has been speaking to my heart this whole election process.

I've read many posts by my favorite Christian women bloggers and the divide and passion on the subject of who should be president or vice president is huge. And in my flesh I can start to lean one way or the other, but neither side brings me peace. The only place I find peace is in surrender and on my knees, saying, "Lord. You are King over all. You raise up one and put down another. Love us enough Lord to chasten and rebuke us and revive us in passion and unity for the gospel and love for YOU!"

This election day I stand on my knees as one of God's elect, casting my cares upon Him, because He cares for me and trusting in His Soveriengty and praying for our hearts (mine too) to be revived in passion for the love of Him who died for us!


  1. Some might be impressed by today’s financial wizards, politicians, and scientists, who talk of solving man’s problems using man’s ingenuity and technology. However, the Bible plainly states: “It is better to take refuge in Jehovah than to trust in nobles.” (Psalm 118:9) All man’s schemes for peace and security will come to naught for the reason aptly stated by the prophet Jeremiah: “I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”—Jeremiah 10:23.

    15 It is imperative, therefore, that servants of God not be unduly impressed by any seeming strength or wisdom of this world. (Psalm 33:10; 1 Corinthians 3:19, 20) The only hope for distressed humankind rests with the Creator, Jehovah. Those who put their trust in him will be saved. As the inspired apostle John wrote, “the world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”—1 John 2:17.

  2. Precious and beloved sister Sheila,

    Thank you so much for this post.

    I really love this! It's funny, b/c I just posted my WFW that (w/o the same detail) share the same thought....our God is sovereign and our security and joy are hid in Christ Jesus, not on any mere man.

    Bless you dear sister,

  3. Good thoughts. I posted along the same lines as well. :) Even though it was my resolve to trust God's sovereignty, I found myself confessing some anxiety to my husband and praying about it.

  4. I love this video, and I love John Piper. We have been talking to our boys, preparing them for what I knew in my heart would happen. I feel often times an alien for believing that this may be exactly what American Christians (myself included) need in order to be humbled by the sine we have allowed ourselves to indulge in. This morning we read the verses in 2 Chronicles 7:11-14 as a family. If you read through to verse 22, I feel it describes American Christians - not the government officials, but us as individuals. I consider myself a God - fearing woman who is radically passionate about my savior. I love Him so, uphold His word, and would die for my faith - yet, YET I see myself as one fallen to the same wicked ways that are described in 2 Chronicles 7. We have allowed ourselves to worship idols that need to be cast down. One of them is money - oh this is a big one for our nation. We have been just one family who has been part of a business that has suffered tremendously over the past year and a half due the economy, and God made it VERY clear (through the hardship of paying bills and putting food on the table) how we have made money and things our idol - even though we would have NEVER thought that - especially if we compared ourselves to the people around us. I had a friend recently say to me that they did not feel they lived too extravagantly, because they looked at themselves compared to the people around them. That is our first problem. We need to compare ourselves to the Word of God, and let IT be our standard. I don't mean to go on a soapbox, but I am very passionate about this subject because I was blind for SO long until someone put truth under my nose. I desire to share that truth with anyone who will listen. We MUST look at God's Word and see His standard for living and not make excuses for our sin. We can be so blind sometimes. John Piper is so right. This is not a government thing, this is a God thing. And no matter what happens, He still sits on the throne. I just pray the people of God will be awakened in their Spirit (myself included), and live radically for Him.

    Blessings to you sweet sister and thank you for sharing your heart (and allowing me to share mine) : )

  5. the cooke family- I sooooo agree with you! The Lord has been doing the same work in my life. He's really been speaking to me that I'm just a tissue sample of the greater church in America. The idols and truth He exposes in me is true of us nationally. Revelation 3:14-22 is what He's diagnosed me with in the past 3 years and has given me a heart to see as our problem in America. Just as you say, we idolize money and riches, we don't even think we do we're so blind! Just as Jesus said, "Because you say, 'I am rich, having become wealthy, and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked..." I've been praying a lot for how to buy gold refined in fire as Jesus calls us Laodiceans Americans to do. I believe the Lord will provide the "fire" (the trials) and it's up to us to "buy" it just as we would buy something else, meaning, we must choose to give up whatever it costs to embrace the fiery trials God will set before us.

    I'm continuing in prayer and clinging to His word!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep praying!


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