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10 simple things you can eat right now to help clean up your diet

Ok, so I usually don't write about this.  I previously had a blog about clean eating and then writing there fell off the escalator of priorities in my life.  But recently I had a "well woman" exam, a.k.a.- a papsmear, mammogram and fasting blood work.  At 43, five feet eleven inches tall and in the 160 lb range, I'm a tall woman who most people would say is "thin".  So when my doctor called to tell me the results of my blood work I was surprised to hear that I fall into the "pre-diabetic" levels on one of my tests (Hemaglobin A1C).   As a RN I see everyday the casualties of the diabetes epidemic in America.  My test results woke me up to the reality that I could end up being one of the patients I care for everyday if I don't take my health more seriously.

I grew up not knowing a thing about healthy eating, and not caring to be honest.  I lived for a Reece's peanut butter cup or a Whatchamakalit bar.  I was a tall, lanky figure and didn'…

A slow-to-believe believer's thoughts on Good Friday

It's Good Friday.

There's a tsunami of meaning in those three words.

Maybe for you it's just TGIF.

I get it.  Honestly, I grew up hearing the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, but for years it made no connection with my soul.  If I'm honest the celebration (if you can call it that) of Good Friday has been odd to me at best and often it's been an offense.  Tim Keller said something I heard the other day to the effect of, "The cross of Christ is offensive in all sorts of ways, and if you haven't felt it, if you haven't ever struggled with it, I don't think you get it..."  That has been the case with me.  Until recent years, I haven't really stopped to face the ugliness and offense at the center of the Christian message: that Christ was crucified for our sins.

Years of questioning from dear loved ones who don't believe has caused me to look that horrific, bloody, crucified, historic Jesus I love in the face and wrestle with th…

Three Practical Ways to Take Refuge in God

I've been thinking a lot these last few months about what it means practically to take refuge in God.  Refuge isn't a term we use often personally.  On a political level we may think of refugees, and the place they go to flee the danger in their homeland as a place of refuge.  But for the Christian, the idea of God being a refuge should be very real, personal and practical.

Christians are not at home with the ways of this world.  We feel like foreigners here.  We don't have the same desires we used to have.  We once partied like the world, were greedy like the world, sought self above all like the world, and hid from the pain and brokenness in this life in various ways.  Those ways were once our refuge.  Before Christ shone on our hearts and broke our chains we hid from the suffering of death, betrayal, loss and pain in people, temporary pleasures, mind-altering substances, sleep, money, withdrawal, food... and many other various cotton-candy hiding places.  In those days…