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Goats and Highways

Having goats is great entertainment.  I'd take a few hours out here with my goats over T.V. any day.  They're so goofy and clumsy and fun.

The momma goat, Darla, is doing a fine job for a first time mom.  She leads her kids out of the pen twice a day and runs around with them for a little exercise.  She baaas at them and they baaa back.  She sniffs their tails and nudges them in the butt when she wants them to move.  And she's very protective of them!  She's head butted Bailey, our 10 year old female Lab twice for getting a little too close.

The papa goat, aw, he's a buck.  He could care less.  He sniffs the kids a bit through the pen (we keep them and the dam together but separate from the buck) but then he sniffs just about everything.  He's a big show off chauvinist and I think he's great.  He's got himself a go tee now and stands with his head at my shoulders (I'm 5' 11").  He's a pretty tall guy.  He often stands on his back hoof…

Darla, Daylight and Daisy

I'm a goat momma! Getting to be there to watch my doe Nubian, Darla, give birth to her twin does, Daylight and Daisy, was one of my top ten life experiences for sure.

For the last couple days I've been thinking it was "the day."  By my dates she was due on March 11th.  Monday she started pawing at the ground, loosing lots of mucous (I won't go any further for queazy stomached folks) and generally acting different.  But last night I noticed one of her teats was shiny and more full than before and was pointed outward.  From what I'd read, an outward pointed teat may mean delivery is imminent.  So I slept on the couch and woke up at 1:30 to check on her.  Nothing.

When I got the boys up for school at 5:45 she was still just laying down in her pen.  But at 7am I saw her squat twice and when I went out to check on her I witnessed the breaking of a goat's amniotic sac.     I was so excited!  I ran all the way back to the house like a first time dad running for …

Ruins of glory

We live among ruins.

More than 12 years ago, James and I went on a cruise. One of the places we visited out of Cancun, Mexico was some Mayan ruins... can't remember what it was called. When you visit a site of ruins there is intrigue and interest in what the ruins speak of. The old rock formations tell of a people and a time long gone. There was life there once...

I often find myself thinking, "We live among ruins. And glorious ruins at that." If we could just hear what the ruins of this life speak of. I think we're too enamored with the beauty and pleasures to be found in the ruins to see that they're just old rock formations, lifeless, compared to the living glory they at one time displayed, and one day, will once again display.

Today I took my boys to attend the funeral of fallen Phoenix Police Detective John Hobbs.  I didn't know Detective Hobbs or his family.  But,  because I am the wife of a detective his age, with kids his kids' age, I felt …