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So basically you are your dad with female parts. - An un-named spouse

I had a dentist appointment yesterday that ended in scheduling two crowns at the cost of $1000! Four of my teeth have old fillings from 1980 something which now have deep fissures.  Two of them have been causing me quite a bit of pain.

I had the first eye exam of my life today.  Got tired of having a hard time reading without having to extend my arm after about 10 minutes.  The unsurprising verdict: I need reading glasses, but my distance vision is good.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for what I think is a torn meniscus in my knee, bursitis in my left hip and a "slipped disc" in my lower back.  I think the knee injury I've been living with for the past year has caused un-neccessary wear and tear on my hip, causing the bursitis.  And the pain in my hip and knee have caused me to stop squatting and start bending over which has caused the week spot that I always seem to put out on my back to go out again this week.

I don't like going to doctors.  I don't like having to try to explain myself and then have them order a battery of tests which show everything is normal.  I'd rather just accept the wear and tear on my body, but unfortunately the knee and hip and back are not in agreement.  They are not accepting it!  I about passed out in the store with the kids the other day when I leaned forward the wrong way apparently and the pain in my back caused me to go to my knees.  As I was standing up everything went black.  That's when I decided I'd better not just keep ignoring the problem.

My dad has all these maladies.  I guess we're alike that way.  That and Eeyore.  You know the donkey from Winnie the Pooh?  My dad and I can be known for our somewhat gloomy and anhedonic mannerisms amongst family and close friends.  I think my dad is worse... I think I'm a "healthy" (if that isn't an ironic word) mix of my dad's downright depressing tone and my mom's slightly manic one.  Lately I've been feeling "Ohh-kayyy"(in my best Eeyore voice).  But tonight Sarah gave me a smile.

Tonight's Jesse Tree reading was Sarah's laughter and naming of Isaac, her very unlikely yet promised-by-God son.  I've been feeling a little down in the dumps, but tonight when I read Sarah's line, "God has made me laugh, and all who hear will also laugh with me," (Gen.21:6) I did.  I chuckled.  I felt a little joy dance in me like a quickening of new life.  Despite the discouragement and bitterness and disappointment this fallen world handed Sarah... and me, God has kept His promise.  The most unlikely of all:  God in the flesh.   And He will keep His promise to make me new.  One day I will laugh with joy like Sarah at the scandalous grace that has made me a son of God.  Now I laugh a little.  But then I will belly roll I think... after I've gotten up from being on my face for at least a thousand years. 

I might be a little Eeyoreish now, but then I will be a Tigger! And even now, a little bounce rises up in me as I think about what He has done and what He has yet to do.  With God, nothing will be impossible!



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