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Children and "elders"

19 year old "elders" always give me a chuckle. It was an interesting conversation last night in the driveway. Oh the many proud things that keep us from a humble and total trust in Christ.

19 and 21 year old Elder White Shirt and Tie came walking up to my open garage with smiles on, asking how we were doing.  We were doing a workout with our buds in our ears and sweat pouring down our faces, but we pulled the buds out and greeted the "elders".

They made small talk with us, or we made small talk with them for awhile.  I asked where they were from, how long they were here for, if they went to the Mormon church down the road, etc.  James asked what they were doing.  They told us that they hoped to be invited into someone's home to give them an opportunity to study the Book of Mormon with them.

James asked about their "prophet"- where he came from, who decided he was a prophet, etc.  I asked them what they believed about Christ.  They answered a very go…

Characterized by talk or walk?

I made pico de gallo tonight to go with our chicken fajitas on corn tortillas with avocado. Yum. I had no idea pico de gallo is literally translated: rooster's beak.  Turns out that pico de gallo was eaten using the thumb and the forefinger therefore resembling a rooster's beak.  You can learn all kinds of things on wikipedia!

This weekend and upcoming week I'll be single-momming it.  Parenting was definitely never meant to be a one person job.  Tomorrow is baseball all day.  I'm looking forward to Sunday!  Monday and Tuesday are hurry-up-and-finish-all-your-required-screenings days at my school.  Wednesday is a short day.  Thursday a very long day.  And Friday an out-the-door-for-fall-break-at-1:45 day!  Then two glorious weeks of school nursing cessation!  Two weeks of taking every opportunity to be with my kids and husband, not just going from one task to another.  Two weeks of more time outside in cooler mornings and evenings.  Fall is a favorite season for me.  Y…

Trying to get into the habit

I got sick a few weeks ago. So much so that I couldn't bear the thought of drinking hot coffee in the morning. A week later, my coffee habit was broken. Since then I've had a cup or two, but now I'm mostly drinking hot tea.

When my life was torn in two for the second time a few years ago, I couldn't blog. I couldn't keep writing. All that I had been writing was about being a wife and marriage and homemaking and it was very...bold. But at the time that I stopped blogging, my boldness was painful and nauseating. Like drinking strong coffee when you're sick.

 I got out of the habit of blogging in the same way I let go of the coffee routine. It was good, even though it was hard, for both coffee and blogging. Now I drink hot tea. It doesn't leave me with all the yucky side-effects, no cream is involved, and more antioxidants are involved.

 Now I blog less and more transparently. I'm not hung-up on talking points and the grace of God in Christ is m…

Good things and hard things.

Yesterday kindergarten, today preschool screenings. It was nice though... almost too nice.

When you're used to functioning on a high-energy expenditure level with lots of interruptions and constant prioritizing of decisions, sitting in an empty board room in silence while your scheduled every-15-minute preschooler and their parent come in to let you screen the child's vision and hearing is actually hard.  You don't know what to do with yourself and all that paced, focused time. It was nice though.

The head of my department told me he's learning all about appreciation of focused time from his new son. Just being in the room with him is valuable. Multitasking is over-rated!

It's hard to just be with a person and not have your attention divided by other things, like computers or email or T.V. or phones, etc. It's good but it's hard. It's revealing. I like it.

A four year old was bribed with $2 to buy clothes for her babydoll by her mom today so she wou…


Gonna keep this short. I was going to say, "...and sweet," but it may just be short.

I'm spent.  A good deal of energy goes into squatting from a 6 foot position to a kindergarten height to say:

Ok now, remember what I showed you in class yesterday?  That's what we're going to do now.  I'm going to point to the shapes and you tell me what they are.  

Ok, let's start here.  What's this shape?  Yes, good.  And this one?  A box, yes, you can say box, or square.  Ok, now what's this one called?  Yes, that's right.  Now what about this?  What does this look like to you?  Ok, a tooth is good.  Some say it looks like a heart, some an apple, but you can call it a tooth if you want to.  Ok good job. Now let's look at the little ones.  Ok what shapes are these?  Good.  Ok now cover one eye with your hand like this.  Now don't poke your eye, just cover it.  Ok, what's this shape?  And this one? And this one?  Good.  Now take your hand off your…

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.- C.S. Lewis

I hate playing catch up here.

As I've said, I process life better in the second-living of it- i.e. writing. Or talking it out with God, which is what I do for the life I can't second-live in public writings.

I took up early-morning walking with my black lab Bailey a week or so ago, when it started getting cool in the mornings. I take her down to the local park on-leash and then release her to chase rabbits to her hearts content in the empty park. While she lives the Labrador Retriever dream of chasing a fast-moving small animal, I walk and talk to my unseen Lord.

I watch His sun rise on the just and the unjust, and breathe in deep the air He keeps filling my lungs with, and pour out my complaints to Him. I usually stop my self after a few thoughts and take notice of blazing fireball bursting over the eastern horizon and realize I have more reason to give thanks than to complain. I begin thanking Him for His promises and the everyday blessings and ask for the wisdom to li…

Don't grow weary in doing good

I was thinking about this this Labor Day.  Maybe some are growing weary in doing good.  Maybe it's been years of doing hard labor, or daily labor or monotonous labor.  Maybe this Monday is like every other Monday for the past 19 years and all your labor and prayers seem to have changed nothing.

 I was getting down. I was thinking, "Nothing is ever going to change." And I heard that still, small voice saying:

Do not grow weary of doing good.

It took a few hours. I stewed in faithlessness for awhile. And then it hit me. Like a faithful friend standing by. The truth had been spoken to me. And like fertile soil I let that seed of truth sink in before the lies came and scooped it away. It'll grow. It'll produce good fruit. Just like the good of everyday good things done in obedience to God's spirit willing and moving in me.

Prayers whispered, cried and moaned day after day, month after month, year after year.
Forgoing of vengeance.