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"Thanksland" and a test in hupotosso-ing

It's been three days of prepping for our road trip tomorrow plus the daily things a mom of two boys home on summer vacation do.

I know it sounds kind of goofy, but the Parent For A Day game was a such a success so I went with it and we played "Thanksland" on Monday.

 I am weary of the constant complaining in my house and am aware of my own lack in giving thanks. Ann has really inspired me to pay attention and receive everything as a gift of God's grace for my good and His glory. So I told the boys Monday that we were going to play "Thanksland" from breakfast till lunch. In "Thanksland" everyone speaks Thanksese. Whatever your choice of words, it had to contain a verbal giving of thanks. So it began, "Mom, thanks for the cereal, but can I have eggs?" And when the complaining wanted to start coming (about the same time as the chores started), warnings were handed out like citations. Three citations equaled an unpleasant chore.

It wa…

Counting Gifts

55. an uninterrupted hour this morning to look in the mirror get washed clean

56. cool shelter from the summer heat (it's 90 by 8am... going to be 106 today)

57. the collection on the shelf reminding me to trust in His grace and the folly of trusting in idols

58. looking forward to whatever lies ahead

and three gifts on June 25th in someone older than me:

59.  mom's life pointing me to mercy

60.  my pastor's words to the congregation as best as I recal, "I'm not a touchy, feely guy... But this pastor loves you!"

61.  my dad's work-worn hands that will squeeze me with a yearning-for-his-Father-father's hug in a couple weeks

Quieted, Sheila

Second living of the past few weeks

I have been planning our yearly summer trip to Oregon, trying to keep a semblance of order yet keep the vacation in our summer break, doing the daily things that keep a home running and in the back of my mind through it all I have blog posts going through my brain. Smile. Sigh.

Time budgeting is much like money budgeting for me. I find if I don't set aside the allotment for the necessary I'll spend it all on the unnecessary. But then usually the necessary uses up so much of the budget that there's not much room for the unnecessary. Writing isn't unnecessary to me, but if I don't get up early enough or stay up late enough the opportunity to write is missed. Problem is its usually throughout the day that I think of things I want to write. I find myself jotting down thoughts on scratch pieces of paper or in the many journals I have floating around wherever I go. I have a bunch of pictures of meals I've made in iPhoto. One of these days...

There's a te…

Burned chicken, my story and Israel

It's been an interesting day.

 I'm sitting here trying to get a hold on how I nearly burned down the covered patio by barbecuing bone-in chicken breasts while I planned and prepped other things in the kitchen. I know time can get away from me sometimes, but I tell ya I was in here for 30 minutes and I set the burners on low!

I probably shouldn't post today's attempt at making something real on my new recipe blog. Or maybe I should. Keeping it real. Real, even if it is burned, leads to trust.

Like standing in front of a congregation of missed-the-mark makers like me (many of whom I don't know), telling my charred story, knowing it'll be recorded, knowing my family will be listening. It's a burnt offering, my homologeo. A sum of all that I can put in appropriate words at this time offered up to the Refiner's fire who's been keeping me real through it all.

A very dear person to me asked why Jews and Christians don't agree about Jesus recently.…

Changed the name

I remember when I was a kid my mom used to change the arrangement of the furniture and house decor pretty regularly. You never knew when you'd come home to a whole new look.  I liked it!

I guess it really is a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

I've been keeping a journal since I was a kid. Sometimes I look back on the journals and am embarrassed. I keep them to remind myself of God's grace over all my years of foolishness. But when I started blogging about 7 years ago I basically put my journals out for the world to see. Sometimes I look back at old blog posts and think, "I was a crazy lady!" I don't delete those old blog posts though, because it reminds me that I am utterly dependent upon the mercy and grace of God. I have been immature and foolish in many of my writings and professions, but God has been faithful and gracious to me!

So I changed the name of my blog today because I'm a woman (smile. sigh. honored). I'm a woman humbled …

Just another religious blabbering blogger?

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to write on my 145:4 blog. 

I've been challenged by my own desire to write these things down. Why? Why do I want to write it down so much? Why not just live life and do "normal" things like crochet or something? Why writing... and Bible stories re-told at that?

I guess in part its the gift God gave me. I have a desire to write and I love the Bible. It's a source of inspiration that never runs dry (and much more). Its my world view. But as I'm thinking through what I want to write I'm realizing its not just my re-telling of the Bible stories to my boys. It's me writing out my homologeo. Its me putting to paper the reason for the hope that is in me. Its me penning my explanation of what I believe.

I want it written. I want it out there. I want it recorded.

I know its not going to be complete. Because till I'm perfected seeing my Savior's face I will not know my full homologeo. I will not be ab…