Hung up thoughts

I ended up spending the past half hour changing my picture fifty times on Facebook and reading my pastor's very amusing blog.

This is the problem with me and writing. Thoughts, some longer than others, some more sensical than others, come into my head usually while I'm driving. By the time I get home, think I'm going to sit down and write, I end up reading and playing with pictures. I'm just like my 7 year old.

Poor kid just can't stay on task very well. Have you seen the movie "Up"? Think "Squirrel!"

Tonight he was talking to his dad on the phone, told him to hold on, came into the living room and began showing me how to do a "star" like they do in his gym class. All this while naked and the water running for his shower. Then he had a light-bulb flash over his head, went streaking into the bathroom, picked up the phone and called, "Dad? Dad? Are you there?" He wondered why his dad hung up fifteen minutes after being set on the bathroom floor.

I may not look as outwardly hyper and distracted (or maybe I do), but if you could see in my brain, I'm running from one thought to another, leaving half-finished thoughts laying on the bathroom floor. Then when I finally realize I'm way off track from what I started out thinking, I go back to those thoughts and they've hung up already.

Oh well. Here's a proverb which triggered some writing-thinking today:

Its hard to know what to do with the wise advice: Throw out the mocker, and fighting goes, too. Quarrels and insults will disappear (Proverbs 22:10), when the "mocker" is a person you can't just throw out.

That's as far as that thought goes though cause there's no answer on the other end.


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