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Waiting thru Saturday

"As his body was taken away, the women from Galilee followed and saw the tomb where his body was placed. Then they went home and prepared spices and ointments to anoint his body. But by the time they were finished the Sabbath had begun, so they rested as required by the law." -Luke 23:55-56 NLT

I've been thinking about waiting on God. Waiting when I could do something to free myself from difficult circumstances. Waiting for God to intervene.

These women did what they could to make Jesus as beautiful as they could even though he was dead. They also waited when they could do nothing.

It's Saturday in my life. Somewhere between death and resurrection. There are things I could do. But I don't want what I can do. I want a miracle. I want new life. I want God to intervene. I want what Moses longed for when he wrote:

O LORD, come back to us! How long will you delay? Take pity on your servants! Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the e…