Happy 15th Anniversary to us

September 4, 1993 my man and I became one flesh!

15 years later we are evidence of God's grace and saving power.

"So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” Matthew 19:6


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Not just you, but what the Lord has done, too. He is able to accomplish and perfect that which He started. May you continue to be a vessell poured out for God's glory!

  2. Precious sister Sheila,

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL picture...a picture of God's union of two that have become one b/c of Christ Jesus!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sweet, precious sister! May our Lord and gracious God grant you many, many more!

    Thank you for putting the Bible Study button on your blog. I truly pray that you, along with many others will be blessed by God through it.

    I'm looking very forward to when the Lord will provide you time to join us! His timing is perfect, and until then, I very much take joy in getting to know you this way!

    Bless dear and beautiful sister,

  3. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!! :)

    RYC: I am not through with CTBHHM yet. It's so good so far though! The Wife's Biblical Submission is so great!! :)

  4. Gorgeous, precious picture! Happy Anniversary!!


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