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The best thing you can give away

I was thinking today about a time not so long ago when I was blogging like a mad-woman.  I'd read a passage of the Bible and my mind would go into a storm of thought and inspiration and I'd have to share it.  I had to.

I remember at the time feeling like I didn't have a real "gift" or "talent" that I could use.  I'd think ridiculous thoughts like, "People paint, they write books, they make crafts, they excel in sports... and what do I do?  Write Bible-inspired blog posts?  Not exactly something you can wrap up and send as a gift."  I embraced it though and thoroughly enjoyed the joy of knowing my God more and more as I would read my Bible.  I came to love knowing that I was given a non-tangible gift of encouraging others in truth.

Then came some really hard times.  And I backed off the blog because I really didn't know what to write.  I'd read my Bible and weep, not write.  That season of overwhelming inspiration was gone.  A new…