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Meditations on Psalm 61, 62 and 68

Psalm 61
 "Hear my cry O God... for you O God have heard..."
God hears me.  He has heard me.  This is quite astounding if I stop and think about it.  If I want someone to listen, someone who can make a difference, someone who cares and I actually get an audience with that person it's a big deal.  I leave those conversations feeling better.  Feeling hopeful.

How much more if the Creator of the universe, the One who designed my ears and knows the hidden person of my heart... how much more astounding that He hears me.  He listens.

Is it God who I run to in my weakness and faintness of heart?  Or do I run to food.  Sleep. TV. Distraction...?  Why???  If God hears me, if he cares, if he's listening, if he's there for me why would I go to sleep, or TV, or the fridge??  Oh help my unbelief God!

"You have given me the heritage of those who fear your name."
What is the heritage God gives to those who fear his name?

Read the last verse of Isaiah 54 and then…