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Words fascinate me

Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all. - Winston Churchill

Awhile back I set out to write 300 words a day and to publish a blog once a week. Well, that didn't happen. But I really want to write! This morning I wrote out two blog posts I decided not to publish because I realized though I have a lot I want to say, these are meditations that right now I need to keep chewing on.

I enjoy looking up words in ancient Hebrew. I know. I'm strange. Its just fascinating to me. Words mean things. Often their meanings are different than we believe. We get used to hearing words spoken in a certain context and we loose the real meaning.

Love, for instance.

As I was walking into Sprouts this morning to pick up my favorite apples (Fuji) and a few veggies I was reliving a short conversation I had yesterday with a close family member. We hadn't talked in a long time and so, because there is so much to say, we said very little. But before we hung u…