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A whiff of heaven

Explaining sanctification to a 7 year old is really... clarifying. I think all we who claim to be Christians should at some point try describing the process of "being sanctified" to a child.

It was a really precious moment. And quite frankly I wasn't expecting it. Actually I was tired, cold and day-dreaming about when I'd get to be in a quiet house with sleeping kids sipping a cup of vanilla roiboos tea latte, when a sweet(and very smart I might add) seven year old friend of mine came up to me at the bleachers and declared, "Uhm. Mrs. Sheila. I don't think I'm a Christian anymore."

Ding Dong. Publishers Clearinghouse just knocked on your door and you're in your PJ's Sheila!

I turned and looked the serious and concerned little guy in the eye and asked why he didn't think he was a Christian anymore. He explained that even though he believed in Jesus as his Savior he was still doing things he knew were wrong. He sited an example from school to…