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Our Epic

I really like epic movies. You know, good battles evil enduring much suffering and even death to overcome and ultimately triumph for the rescue of many. Its a thread of truth which seems to run through so many of our imaginings in movies and books. In none of these tales do the heroes or heroins set out to suffer for sufferings sake. No, they are guided by a fixed right which is opposed. It isn't as though they set out to prove they are right, they just set out to do right. In the process they are tempted, tried and often tormented physically and or emotionally.

I recently watched Legend of the Guardians. It was right up my alley of enjoyable movies. In the story, Ezylryb, an old, raggedy looking owl in the "good" camp is the legendary character from a once-thought mythical tale told by the the believing main character. Turns out Ezylryb is not a myth. In fact he's so real he's somewhat of a disappointment to the owls who've discovered him. He has this great l…