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Road trip day #1

Today after church we began our annual road trip to "Oregon"... We always say that but really it's initially a road trip to Redding, CA where my sister lives. Eventually we get to Oregon.

In the past, I'd wake the kids early in the morning, load them in the car, and we make it closer to Sacramento before stopping for the night. But since we didn't get on the road till about noon, after church, I decided to stop for the night in Thousand Oaks, CA.

I like Thousand Oaks. Everything grows here! Only the Santa Monica Mountains separate us from the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to go to the beach tonight but I'm just toast. Working night shift Friday night and then getting up early this morning has my body pretty fatigued. I plan to go to the beach either in the morning with the boys or on the way back home to AZ on Thursday.

I love road trips! There's just something about the open road. I guess I like the feeling that I'm going somewhere. Sometimes li…

Martha and I

Every time I read the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, I'm taken back by his exchange with Martha. I see in Martha's words my inevitable human inclination to not get God yet act like I've got him figured out.

It's what Martha says.  Jesus has finally showed up at the scene of his grieving friends' home where Lazarus has been 4 days dead.  Martha, the busy-in-the-kitchen sister, runs to Jesus not for comfort, not for help, but to protest.  "If you had been here my brother wouldn't have died!"  She accuses.  I can hear the anger and disappointment in her voice.  She believed Jesus was powerful enough to have healed her brother when he was sick, but she didn't believe there was a thing he could do now that her brother was dead.

She throws out a hail Mary, "But even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask."  When I read the rest of the exchange she has with Jesus it's apparent that she doesn't think Jesus …

Thursday: three weeks into summer break.

I work tonight. After 11 days off I'm actually looking forward to working tonight. I have had every opportunity to write a post in these 11 days, but honestly I feel like I haven't had anything post-worthy to write about.

The enjoyment of the morning milking routine is still there, but unless I get up before 6 am it's pretty warm out and I've worked up a sweat by the time we're done.

The baby goats are growing fast.  They're about 10 weeks old now and very playful.

Our five chickens are only producing 2 or 3 eggs a day.  One of the chickens (formerly the egg eater) has yet to lay a single egg.  I have seen her sitting in a nest a few times.  Since she seems to be cured of egg eating I figured maybe she'll warm up to laying eventually too.  I'll give her some time but if no eggs after a reasonable time (and any adjustments I may need to make in my care of her) I think we'll have to cull her.

It's too darn hot to go outside between the hou…