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You Will Not Abandon Me

It's Saturday. Two thousand plus years ago on a day like today You were dead to us. Hidden behind a stone. You came to us full of grace and truth and we thought You'd make our circumstance right, right away.  But now it's Saturday and you seemed to lay defeated by our wrongs.  You were the only good Man and we killed you. And you didn't use your superpowers to save yourself from us.

If I was there, and I didn't have the Book and I couldn't read Psalm 16 or know the end of the story is glory and resurrection life, I would be as unbelieving as Thomas and the disillusioned followers you met on the road to Emmaus... and to my own shame, even though I do have the Book and I've heard the story and I've believed, so often I'm an unbelieving believer like Thomas and the slow of heart to believe on the road to Emmaus.

But I do have the Book.  Oh thank you for preserving your Word!  I can read, and I've heard that old, old story about a Savior came …

The discipline of the Gospel is coming to God on His terms -Barbara Hughes

Determined not to complain, but rather give thanks in all things, I'm just going to share something that has spoken to me this week as I have been going through this season of Lent, meditating on what Christ has done for me:

 When asked how they know they are Christians, people often answer with "Because I accepted" or "I prayed" or "I went forward."  Notice the "I"?  All of these answers give prominence to what the person has done.  This is the root of the general confusion about the Gospel.  The Gospel is about what God has done!
Christianity is the only religion in which salvation cannot be earned.  Christians know our salvation has been accomplished by what God alone has done, not by what we have done...  The Gospel belongs to God.  It is His Gospel. From cover to cover the Bible is about God's Gospel.  It was His idea and His plan: "The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in…

Quiet time

(My rockhound kids with his geode finds from Payson last weekend. More on that another post.)
I'm still here. It's been a full couple of weeks. Mostly full of sickness. UGH!

Tomorrow I get to teach the 3rd and 4th graders at Pathway one of my favorite sections of the Bible.  The part where the lady pours expensive perfume over Jesus head, causing quite the stir.  What others saw as a waste, Christ saw as an act of adoration.

I get to "waste" my life and all I have on responding to the love of Christ with my poured out life.  To some it will be a beautiful perfume.  To others it will smell like a waste.  Like death.

Monday, it's back to work.  This is the last stretch of time I get to spend with the kids and staff at Wildflower.  I want to leave it better than when I came.  I have a lot of work to do.

I was thinking the other day about how turned upside down my world has been the last few years.  I had a plan.  It didn't go my way.  And that's a good th…

Open mouth. Insert bridle.

(Flattering and sophisticated we are) 
It's been a long day.  It started at 2 am with a cacophony of coughing.  I'm convinced that those people who do such things probably employ long nights listening to distressing coughs as a form of torture.  I'm hoping tonight is better.  So far they've been asleep for a little over an hour and I haven't heard a single cough.  I think they're waiting for me to lay down and close my eyes.

We went to Lake Pleasant today.  If I'm going to be sleep deprived on Spring Break with two coughing kids I mind as well take them out into the sunny spring desert.  It's better than being trapped in a house of germs.  We looked for geodes.  We found a piece of one actually.  I'm catching Ryland's rock hounding fever.

On the way to the lake I played a podcast from John Piper.  I enjoy listening to him teach.  I never finish listening without feeling as though I've had a chiropractic adjustment of my thinking or a surgic…

Rx's and Rocks

I've had several post topics in mind but the last few days have not allowed for blog post time.

It really started last week on Wednesday night when my little guy with asthma coughed a terrible cough that keeps a mom up all night long.  I took him with me to work on Thursday (advantage or disadvantage to being a school nurse depending on how you look at it).  Friday and Saturday nights were repeats of Wednesday night plus fever.  So Sunday after church, when the fever was still there, I carted him to the urgent care.

This poor guy can't catch a normal cold and be done with it.  In the past 4 years he's had 3 bouts with pneumonia.  This time it was *just* acute bronchitis which sent his otherwise well controlled asthma into a tail spin.  Sunday he started on antibiotics, prednisone and a night time cough syrup so he could actually get a night's sleep (Doesn't help the mom though.  She still can't sleep knowing breathing is compromised with her little one).  My …

Even if

Ugh, it's been quite the week. Besides the decisions that weigh heavy on me as a mom, and the energy expended as a school nurse, I've been fighting a virus all week.  And now the heavy production of mucous has caused me to develop an infected lymph node in my neck.

I finally gave up trying to cure myself with ibuprofen and hot liquids and went to the urgent care this evening. I regret it now. 

I remember when I was pregnant with Connor and working in Labor and Delivery my preceptor, a nurse midwife from England, told me, "When you feel like you just can't stand it anymore, you know it's almost over." But I (and many other pregnant women) still came in late at night thinking maybe these contractions meant it was time. We were wrong. Our late night tired-of-being-pregnant-and-contracting-with-no-results visit to the hospital only meant we were getting closer to delivery day. All I could do as a nurse was reassure.

The same thing happens with me when I get …