5:14 PM

I was so inspired today at church! Inspired to dedicate myself to writing my own re-telling of the scriptures to my sons. You can read about it more here.

I enjoy writing, I love the scriptures and I've dedicated myself to the call on my life to pass the story of Christ as revealed in the scriptures to the sons God has entrusted to me. I know this comes not just by writing a personal paraphrase of the Bible, but mostly by my life lived in genuine faith in Christ and by the truths I teach them in everyday settings. But its something I really want to do!

As I was listening to Geoff Husa today I thought, "I want to do that!"  I want to sort of "translate" the scriptures into the language of my boys who live in a culture of consumerism, abundant material wealth and ease. They don't live in a Hebrew culture. They don't live in an agrarian culture. They don't speak the original language of the Bible. But the Holy Spirit knows how to speak their language. And He has tasked me with the duty of a momma bird- to chew up the food first so that its broken down in such a way that her babies can feed on it. He has also tasked me with the command to teach my children His ways, His stories.

I don't live in the generation of the Psalmist who wrote Psalm 145:4, but I am a generation who can teach the next the mighty act of God to save mankind through Christ as revealed in the scriptures!

So I started My 145:4.   May the Lord bless the work of my hands!


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