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Telling them the Old, Old Story

Tonight we hung our stockings, put up some lights, had hot cocoa and hung up our Jesse Tree. Along side it a string of red and green rings, each with a different Bible verse on it to begin an Advent calendar come December first.

I sat my sons down and we talked about what the Jesse tree and string of red and green is for. I told them briefly about Isaiah, David, Jesse, God's promise and all the people who waited throughout history for the Savior God would send.

It was a struggle I'll tell ya. Getting my 5 and 7 year old to sit still long enough to listen to anything for 5 minutes is a highly tuned skill we're working on! But even through the redirection, correction, and frequent interruptions I found myself thinking determinedly, "I WILL tell my sons Your story God! I won't stop telling them about their Savior!"

After we finished I thought of a section from Psalm 78. Asaph wrote:

I will teach you hidden lessons from our past- stories we have heard and known... We…