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8:43 PM

There once was a woman thirsty
She wanted her drink easy
Since it was hard
And she was ti-ard
She drank from the well called sleepy

(That was my first ever limerick... thank you for the fun Kristen! :())

Said thirsty woman (me), finally got so parched (since the well of sleep doesn't satisfied thirst) that she started getting desperate. Her desperation finally led her to seeking Living Water with all her heart again, rather than when it was convenient, or brought immediate satisfaction.

I've realized, once again in my following Christ, there is a waiting on the Lord, a calling, praying, seeking and searching that proves our true thirst for righteousness.

Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. - Jeremiah 29:12-13

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.- Matthew 5:6

When you're REALLY thirsty for righteousness you'll wait, even if it's waiting at 3am or from 6- 7, or through all the routine of the morning. You'll call and pray to Him, seeking and searching for Him over other options of temporary satisfaction. Yummy treats won't quench the thirst for Him. Sleep won't quench the thirst for Him. A good book won't quench the thirst for Him. Only time with Jesus will quench my thirst for righteousness. And so if I'm REALLY thirsty for righteousness, I'll wait, I'll seek, I'll search, and I'll wait some more, cause I know, nothing else will satisfy.

The days this month when I've said, "You know what! A few more minutes of sleep isn't going to quench my thirst for Jesus. A few more brownies won't do it either. That's it! I'm sick of running to these wells that don't satisfy! That's it! I'm getting up. I'm gonna seek You with all my heart! I'm gonna search for YOU when I'm tired! I'm gonna search for YOU when I want comfort and escape from the cross you call me to take up today! I'm gonna spend myself seeking YOU!" You know what... He's there.

And you know, sometimes He's asked ME for a drink of water.

"Bless me Sheila. Sing to me."

So I start singing and you know what... He fills me up! In my dryness, in my fatigue, in my thirst, when I sing to the Lover of my soul, He fills me with His Living Water. Sometimes it's immediate... I'm overflowing in His presence, cause He "inhabits the praises of His people."

Sometimes its hours later... He'll show up unexpectedly with a word of life.

Sometimes it's not until that day is done and I cry at His feet and His Spirit reminds me that I'm blessing Him by pouring out my life waiting for, expecting Him, to quench my thirst.

Sometimes its not been until church on Sunday when He's sent a Titus to comfort me and remind me that its my very weakness that exhibits His power, and that He knows I'm a lily in a thorny world.

One of the places He's quenched my thirst as I've waited on Him is in Amy Charmichael's Edges of His Ways. Her devo book is one of two places (the other being Searchlight online) I often find a drink of Living Water.

Here's a random sampling:

Psalm 103:22: Bless the Lord... in all the places of His dominion.

Some of the places are what we call dry places. For example, when we read our Bibles and do not find any special life-giving word, we are in one of those places. If however, then and there, in that very dry place in HIS dominion, we stop for a moment and look up and love Him and bless Him, we shall find (I believe this for I have proved it) that somehow the dryness has gone; we discover a "brook in the way" (Psalm 110:7) and we drink and are refreshed....

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Isaiah 51:3

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