Our First Kettle Club Meeting

12:21 AM

I'll tell ya, honestly, it sorta breaks my heart that we're having a virtual Kettle Club meeting. I just am one who would much prefer a real life Kettle Club meeting... who knows, maybe that will be one day :) But at the same time, I am so thankful, and so united with you ladies in this idea of commiting our blogging to the Lord and keeping the most important thing first- God's word! So wherever you are at your laptop, or old PC (like me), my heart is with you this morning! May the Lord draw us to His word and continue to show us more of Himself and transform us into His image!

Onto the discussion:

  • Did you focus on a specific portion of Scripture this month (for example, the
    Psalms)? If so, share why you chose to focus on that specific portion.

    • I'm still continuing on with my plan and desire to read through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, which I started in January of 2008... I'm in Proverbs. So about half way through. I guess I'm on a read thru the Bible in 2 years program :)

      Truthfully, I find Proverbs hard to just read through. I keep stopping to chew on each verse. There are some I've really been freshly fed by, and some that I've read and re-read and they still are a mystery to me. I like reading those verses too though. They remind me that I'll never finish digging out the treasure in these pages!

      • Are you following along with a specific devotional? If so, tell us a little about the devotional. Do you recommend it for your fellow Kettle Club ladies?

      Every morning I read the daily devotional on Searchlight. I've set it as my homepage. I try to read it after I've just simply opened the scriptures myself... I'm always amazed at the confirmation I find there. Many times the same thing the Spirit is speaking to me about through what I've just read is touched on there. But there are days when quiet time alone with my journal, Bible and prayer just doesn't happen first thing in the morning, and going to Searchlight first sort of primes the pump for me.

      I HIGHLY recommend the Searchlight website's devos. And I also HIGHLY recommend Jon Courson's Bible teaching which you can listen to freely there (or you can subscribe to for free at itunes).

      • What is a stand out lesson you learned this month? What has the Lord been
      steadily teaching you?

      Boy does it ever stand out! It's a hard one for me. The lesson: confess your wrongs quickly, without excuse, and face to face.

      Twice this month, something happened when I sensed immediately the convicting work of the Spirit. I knew what I had to do. So I marched myself up to my kids and hubby and agreed with what God was calling what I had just done to their faces.

      God's been teaching me how important it is that I'm a confessor. And that I model true confession before my kids and husband. I've been heard saying this a lot, "I was wrong..." And this too, "Son, now, I want you to go to your brother and tell him that you were wrong..."

      My feet-washing Jesus has been teaching me to be genuine and to cling only to His work on the cross for my righteousness. Saying what He says about my sins is keeping me genuine before my kids and husband and God, and is keeping me ever-thankful for the grace and mercy I live in daily!

      • Did you find certain distractions kept popping up as you would sit down to meditate on God’s Word? How did you overcome them?

      Yes the distractions continue. I don't think the enemy of my soul and my never satisfied flesh will ever cease to be dead weights and busy distractions to keep me from feasting on God's word. I find that if I sit at my kitchen table, or go outside with my pen, journal and Bible (and coffee if it's morning, or iced tea if it's afternoon) I'm less distracted. It's when I come into the office to read scripture online that I'm most easily taken down rabbit trails. If I reserve coming into the office for writing/blogging, checking email, etc., I'm good. But if I try to fellowship with the Lord and really chew on His word in here... well, it just is too much of a temptation for me.

      • How can your fellow Kettle Club members pray for you this month?
      You know, I'd just love your prayers for wisdom and discernment in my marriage and parenting. I continue to press on in the "Love Dare" God started in me 4 years ago. He truly is using this cracked up earthen vessel to allure my husband to Himself. And every time He reminds me of that, I'm both excited as ever to be a vessel with such a treasure in it, and scared to death of my heart that's prone to wander! I also continue to be a mom who tends to worry a lot about her sons and their fleshly nature in a world so eager to drag them into depravity, not to mention an enemy who only seeks to kill, steal and destroy them. I KNOW my God is bigger than all that, but I want to live out that trust in my everyday dealings with my kids in training and guiding them.

      • Anything else you would like to share?
      I was totally blessed by this months Exemplify ezine! Weren't you!!!?

      So glad He found me ,

      Isaiah 51:3

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