A New Series at Exemplify

7:53 AM

Hey friends!

I just wanted to invite you to help me out with a new series I'm starting over at Exemplify Online's blog. I'm calling it LOGOS. The idea is to take one word from "Christianese" (the words we say, hear, read, sing as Christians all the time) and dig a little deeper into God's word to understand what they mean.

Today I've post about the word "lawlessness" over at the Exemplify blog. Head over and take a read and share your insights in the comments section.

Also, PLEASE email me with any words you'd like to see me study out and share at the Exemplify blog.

Some words I'd like to study are:

  • grace

  • hallelujah

  • glory

  • praise

  • sin

  • love

  • redeem

  • confession

  • repentance

What about you?! Are there any words or phrases you've heard at church, in hymnals or songs, or when you're reading your Bible that you'd like to dig a little deeper into?

Email me at awomanfound (at) gmail (dot) com


Redeeming the time

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